Strong hair, or the secrets of luxurious hair

3709 1346609796 686b0 150x150 Strong hair, or the secrets of luxurious hairDaily hair loss in a small number of absolutely normal. This natural process connected with their lifecycle. New units replace earlier, quietly recreating beautiful hair.

To determine whether it makes sense to worry about hair loss, conduct a simple test. Take the strand with an arbitrary number of hair and lightly pull down. If all is well in your hand will remain 2-3 hair, and with a propensity to excessive loss – from 4 and more.
Save the density of the hair and not resorting to services of the salons. It is enough to observe rules and timely diagnosis of the disease, affecting hair growth.

Secret 1. For hair care choose combs made of natural materials, they are softer massage the scalp and not hurt her. Brush, as well as the tooth, don’t forget to regularly change.

Secret 2. Visit the doctor-trichologist. There are many diseases, the symptoms of which is the excessive hair loss. Make trihoskopiyu. An accurate diagnosis can be obtained from a specialist, who will investigate the state of the strands of hair and scalp device equipped with a video camera with increasing optics. Be sure to check your thyroid hormones and because hair may fall out and if you have problems at the level of the endocrine system. It is also worth visiting the gynecologist, as any infection in the body can affect the density of hairstyles.

Secret 3. Avoid stress. On the background of this experience intensifies the blood circulation in the surface tissues, which negatively affects the nutrition of hair. They may start to fall at once, but after a few months after experienced emotions. Very dangerous chronic stress, which can lead to serious changes in the condition of not only hair, but also the entire body. If you cannot solve the problem yourself, contact a psychologist.

Secret 4. Hair may fall out and due to improper care. Not often painted, do Perm expose daily blow-drying etc. Let’s hair leisure, use nourishing masks. Adjust your diet so that you receive the necessary vitamins and minerals, if necessary, use special complexes, which are sold in pharmacies.

Secret 5. The hair can never fall out of frequent washing, shampoos have only a superficial effect on the scalp. These funds do not affect the hair follicles located in the deep layers of the skin. So wash your hair as often as necessary.